About Us

Although Mimiw Sakahikan School is located one kilometer east of the hamlet of Ma-Me-O Beach on highway 13A, on the Pigeon Lake Reserve #138A, it is part of the Maskwacîs Education Schools Commission (MESC), located in Maskwacîs, Alberta. The Pigeon Lake area was used as a fishing station, a winter camp, and  a permanent place of residency by members of the Four Cree Nations of Maskwacîs – Samson, Ermineskin, Louis Bull and Montana.

Mimiw-Sakahikan School began as a Primary School in the fall of 1996. Portable trailers were set up behind the Pigeon Lake Recreation Centre. These trailers were used to house students and staff from K4 up to Grade 6 for 10 years, until we moved into our new school just west of the Pigeon Lake Health Center in 2006.

Mimiw Sakahikan School offers a full academic based program to students from K5 up to Grade 6 in daily classes five days per week. The K4 students attend school on Mondays and Fridays. We follow the Alberta Education Curriculum and we are also very proud of the fact that we offer Cree Language and Cree Culture classes to every student in our school. Our school integrates Cree language and culture in our daily routines, as well as hosting our annual Pow Wow in May.

At Mimiw Sakahikan School we believe that our students’ education is a partnership between students, parents/guardians, school staff, and community members. Together we work to provide the best educational experience we can for all of our students. Parental and community involvement in our school is extremely important, and to promote this, we host at least one family activity night per month, as well as conducting regular parent advisory meetings.